The album pure love is out now!

Electronic music – Voice – Good vibes

Music: SVOZ
Lyrics and Vocals: B de PronX

“Sophisticated electronic meets poetry reflecting a conscious lifestyle.”

“A fusion of authentic musical expressions of two artists, which merges into an unmistakable listening pleasure.”

“It’s Music to listen and to experience.”

Jacks dance
Just your love (Original)
Turn around
Wake Up And Stay

The duo SVOZ & B de PronX comes from the dance and music scene based between Berlin and Barcelona. The style of the debut album PURE LOVE by SVOZ & B de PronX is danceable electronic music, composed with sounds from unusual instruments, digital sound generators and loops, meticulously edited on the digital audio workstation. The individual songs are powerful and at the same time playful and sensitive. You follow the driving beats and the staggered arpeggios with the embedded vocals: The lyrics are spiritually intimate. The basic mood of the album is based on the natural basic mood of 432 Hertz.

Looking at the career of the artists, the underlying foundation is revealed: the two have been working together since 1999, until 2012 25 choreographies were created with the contemporary dance company SonusDos, which were performed on important stages and festivals throughout Europe. The basic tenor is authenticity, it runs through the entire work. SVOZ composed the music for the dance pieces. The voice of B de PronX played a major role in the performances. Since the dance performances have faded away, the creative focus has turned entirely to the music.

Finding original sounds led to self-made instruments such as monochords, percussion instruments, modified rainmakers and a lataphone. The study of overtone singing and mantras as well as research into the influence of sound and music on the human body led to sound journeys and meditations. These discoveries, coupled with the fascination for digital sound processing and the work of SVOZ as a DJ, form the basis of the 10 tracks on the album. The vocals of B de PronX are based on the pop genre, but the experimental approach is evident.

Pure Love originated from the love of creation, invention and investigation.

SVOZ & B de PronX complement each other as artists and create a music world that on one hand is pop that fits into a club while keeping a unique and special quality. Listening reveals the diversity, depth and sophistication of the compositions. So the music can not only be heard, but also experienced.

The audiophile claim stems from experiments with tapes, the comparison with sophisticated analogue recordings as well as mixes of rock, pop and jazz. And yet it is and remains through and through electronic music, as organic and lively as the digital process allows and as powerful and detailed as a electronic production makes it possible.